Omni-Channel Healthcare Solutions Solve Communication and Scheduling Challenges

It is possible to deliver more positive customer experiences in the “new normal.” Adapting with changing times and navigating uncharted waters should still be done through the lens of a focus on exceptional customer satisfaction. For healthcare facilities, in particular, that still need to provide a significant portion of services in person and adapt to the digital transformation taking place, it can be a struggle to manage both onsite visits and digital experiences simultaneously.

How is your business evolving and adapting to provide more optimal customer experiences through improved scheduling communications? Innovative solutions for customer flow management, scheduling, back-office management, customer communications, and engagement can help.

In the healthcare industry, getting back to normal may include new dynamics, but positive interactions remain the key to success. So how can you improve patient scheduling experiences – and service center operations – in the new normal?


Expertise in Customer Connectivity Management across Channels

Omni-channel solutions optimized for healthcare that manage mixed queue management are the answer. Healthcare specifically needs robust communication across channels to improve the overall patient experience. For example, some healthcare specialists may need to onboard patients in person and then follow up virtually.  The opposite may also be optimal for routine care – virtual visits often work best for ongoing disease management. For a wide range of healthcare providers, ease of leveraging one system that can manage both will support connectivity for patients providers, and other team members, including:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Video queue management
  • Patient flow management
  • Multi-modal messaging for patient interaction
  • Online forms
  • Back-office workflow management


Personalization Success with Optimal Remote Communications

Identifying a way to make a personal connection amid digital-first communications can be difficult. Communication in the new normal can seem impersonal compared to the old way of business, so it’s essential to connect with audiences, especially for early contact points including appointment scheduling and first visits. Finding a way to leverage technology to meet prospective patients through the channel they are most comfortable with can help them engage whether for short-term illness appointments and long-term health and wellness.

Think like your users - make sure your scheduling is efficient and hassle-free, you are offering appointment options through various channels for convenience, and ensure your workflows all align to reduce wait times to optimize the patient journey – which are all now available through innovative technology. The solutions exist – with easy implementation strategies that improve the experience for both patients and healthcare administrators! 

Contact us to learn more about how Q-nomy's omnichannel patient care solution can help ready your organization be ready for the new normal.


Guest post by Meredith Rose, VP Content Services at MERGE Atlanta