Behavioral Health Practice Management Software

Our behavioral health software solutions take an omni-channel approach that is revolutionizing how providers and clinics approach behavioral health. By providing telehealth and business process management solutions which significantly reduce operational waste, increase patient satisfaction and improve patient flow; patients are receiving better care while providers are able to save on treatment costs through increased efficiency. Providers are just a few clicks away from achieving reduced operational waste and improved patient throughput.

It is evident that provider shortages and the rise of mental health patients are creating rifts in the delivery of patient care in today’s Emergency Departments (ED). Behavioral health makes up 10% of all emergency department (ED) visits and is expected to increase to 23% in the next decade. Behavioral health patient visits in an ED are expensive, costing on average $100 per hour per bed. When combined with the lack of specialists and the longer-than-average length of stay, EDs are threatened by these significant costs.


Efficiently Optimizing Patient Throughput and Reducing Costs

Offering efficient, quality behavioral healthcare can be challenging. The ever-increasing demand for behavioral health services is having a significant impact on healthcare networks since many patients lack access to adequate mental healthcare. Q-Flow is a powerful behavioral health practice management software designed to optimize resources and capacity utilization to help provide the following benefits to behavioral health facilities:

Reduced Admissions: With Q-Flow’s telehealth solution, patients are assessed faster, discharged with a care plan or transferred to a support facility in an efficient manner that avoids the high costs of hospital admission.

Reduced Transfers: Q-Flow’s telehealth solution helps to avoid unnecessarily transferring patients to a hospital by quickly connecting to behavioral health specialists in real time to assess and determine the best treatment plan.

Increased Throughput: By decreasing the time behavioral health patients spend in the ED or clinic facility, patients with other issues — which emergency physicians are more adequately trained to treat — can be seen.

Our Telehealth solutions within the world of behavioral health are rapidly becoming an industry standard as providers strive to better serve their patients while efficiently optimizing patient throughput and reducing cost.


Addiction Centers Benefit from Enhanced Patient-Provider Experience

Addiction centers strive to provide compassionate, high-quality and innovative care to patients struggling with addiction and concurrent mental health disorders. In order to achieve the goal of long-term recovery, addiction centers are utilizing comprehensive scheduling and customized research-based treatment plans offered by Q-Flow. These components increase patient engagement, awareness and efficiency – which lead to an enhanced patient-provider experience within this uniquely specialized subset of behavioral health facilities.

Sophisticated Workflow Engine Delivers More Efficient Patient Processing

Q-Flow’s enhanced patient flow components are designed to deliver complete in-facility patient journey management. This is achieved by utilizing both a rules engine that ensures smart, skill-based and priority-based routing and queuing of patients and the equipment interfaces needed for delivering the in-facility experience, such as check-in kiosks, directional digital signage and audio.

Q-Flow includes a sophisticated workflow engine which can be utilized to enhance and automate business process management tasks such as skill-based task management, SLA provisioning and monitoring, eligibility checks workflow (Medicaid, Medicare co-pay, clinical and operative) and a true customer-centric architecture that ensures back-office processes deliver on promises made by customer-facing staff.

Q-Flow Performance Indicator Optimizes Compliance Policies

One of Q-Flow’s key performance indicators in addiction centers is optimizing compliance policies in this unique environment. Q-Flow enables and promotes the right information in real time for the care provider regarding patient identification, status and eligibility for treatment. Q-Flow is also widely used as a 'gatekeeper' for the services in the facility with the patient flow management abilities through Q-Flow PM, including:

  • Implement smart business rules
  • Provide the patient with available scheduled services and walk-in service
  • Limit the patient to try and override specific policies, like the number of treatments per visit  


Range of Appointment Scheduling Services

Q-Flow’s appointment scheduling services include pertinent components required to provide a full range of services from the moment of scheduling until visit completion, including:

  • Self-service appointment scheduling (via Web, mobile, etc.)
  • Agent-assisted or outbound appointment scheduling
  • Calendar capacity analysis and planning
  • Allocation of resources required for appointments
  • Complete customer communications such as reminders and confirmation requests


As addiction center patients are usually high-risk, our purpose is to empower providers, organizations and patients with solutions that reduce this risk and promote healthier living.

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