Hospital Emergency Department Software

Q-nomy's Emergency Department (ER/ED) solution manages end-to-end patient flow to help improve the full patient experience while managing ER/ED resources. This robust hospital emergency department software leverages Q-nomy's patient-centric business process management capabilities to ensure streamlined operations and optimal service levels that help control wait times for patients while maximizing utilization.



Complete Patient Flow Management Simplifies Dependencies

Q-nomy’s Q-Flow business process management solution simplifies the ability to enforce predetermined dependencies in multi-step treatments at any point of service. For example, a patient that arrives in the ER that most likely has a broken bone will be required to have an x-ray taken in radiology before seeing a orthopedic physician. When assigning the patient a care path within the Q-Flow platform, the patient will be routed through radiology first and then automatically routed to the orthopedist when imaging results arrive.

As a complete solution, all aspects and stages of patient flow are expertly managed for Emergency Department Services, including :

  • Reception
  • Triage
  • Routing
  • Preparation
  • Treatment
  • Payment
  • Administration

In addition, integration with third party medical record systems is a key component for optimal routing of patients, based on their profile and medical state.


Single Interface Solution for Robust Information Exchange

The Q-flow platform offers a single interface for viewing, managing and automating the exchange of information with patients to deliver timely information before, during and after patients visit the ER/ED.

Q-nomy's Patient Management Software also includes queue management functions, interaction management tools, complete patient journey documentation, as well as statistics and alerts for physicians, nurses, managers and administration staff to ensure the patient information is readily available to those that need it within the assigned workflows.

In addition, real-time analytics with customized dashboards and reports are included integrated within the EHR, LIMS, RIS, PACS, RTLS, ERP, CRM and other IT platforms supporting HL7 standards.

As a key component of communication, staff are alerted for long wait times, urgent cases and can be set up for other types of customized notifications.

Notifications can also be linked to digital signage information, an integrated digital display platform delivers wayfinding, entertainment, news and internal marketing messages, and be automatically updated to keep patients up-to-date on key information and reduce the associated stress around wait times.

Learn more about how our robust Q-flow platform can help reduce your ED’s wait times and better manage internal workflows and utilization.


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