Q-Flow® Patient Journey Optimization

Q-Flow is a comprehensive platform that allows health care organizations to manage and optimize individual patient journeys and experiences while supporting back-office processes.

Our Patient Management Software can provide all your clinics and departments with valuable solutions that can manage both digital and in-facility care flows to construct different patient journeys to benefit your organizational needs and business processes – placing the patient at the center of your operations. 


Enterprise Appointment Scheduling Solutions

Designed to deliver enterprise-grade appointment scheduling solutions, Q-Flow AM includes every component required to provide self-service appointment scheduling via both desktop and mobile, from the moment of scheduling until visit completion, including:

  • Agent-assisted or outbound appointment scheduling
  • Calendar capacity analysis and planning
  • Allocation of resources required for appointments
  • Complete patient communications such as reminders and confirmation requests


On-Site and Digital Patient Flow Management

Designed to deliver end-to-end omnichannel patient flow management, Q-Flow QM provides all aspects of patient and information flow management, including:

  • Rules engine software component that ensures smart, skill-based and priority-based routing and queuing of patients, whether on-site or on digital channels
  • Equipment interfaces needed for delivering the on-site service, such as:
    • Audio
    • Check-in kiosks
    • Directional digital signage


Business Process Management

Designed to provide business process management for back-office operations that supports the front-end patient experience, Q-Flow PM ensures your back-office delivers on promises made by patient-facing staff, including:

  • Skill-based task management
  • SLA provisioning and monitoring
  • Sophisticated workflow engine
  • True patient-centric architecture


Communication Channel Management and Patient Interaction

Our Q-flow IM patient interaction management product manages all communication channels for health systems, but also can analyze incoming messages to trigger and enrich individual patient-service processes, and subsequently, improve patient outcomes. It offers several personalization benefits that improve the patient journey, including:

  • Handling incoming and outgoing messaging
  • Managing communication channels including email, web and mobile
  • Managing Digital Forms for patient data collection, consent forms etc.
  • Supporting both free and moderated agent communications
  • Supporting semi-automated and fully automated messaging


Understanding Software Deployment Options - SaaS or On-Premise?

A full cloud based solution since 2012, Q-Flow is available in any installation model – cloud, on-premise or a hybrid solution. We are taking flexibility to the next level – Q-Flow can be hosted on a range of platforms, including:

In addition, we can easily migrate from the cloud to the premise and vice versa – all while keeping data and functionality intact. Q-nomy provides our customers with the most flexibility enabled by SaaS models while ensuring each installation is customized and optimized per customer needs, the same way as an on-premise installation.


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