Oncology Patient Journey Optimization

Through our innovative patient management software platform, we can integrate appointment scheduling, patient flow management, business process management and interaction management – to maximize patient throughput while delivering optimal experiences to oncology patients. The most beneficial component for oncology services is our ability to help with load balancing. Our oncology patient journey software allows patients to be routed through various departments or services in the most expedited manner, with lower wait times for patients. With the ability to determine the most efficient route, patient throughput is optimized while reducing cancer patient wait times between stations, and resources and capacity management are improved.



Enhanced Efficiencies for Oncology Outpatient Clinics

Many oncology services are provided in outpatient settings. Our Patient Flow solutions provide valuable tools for improving patient flow in outpatient clinics and opportunity to better the patient journey. With our tools, we help clinics improve patient experiences and deliver more efficient business processes. Our goal is your goal – to place patients at the center of your clinic operations. 


Benefits to Patients with More Efficient Processing

Q-Flow® also improves wait times – a welcome benefit to patients that have multiple appointments.  Our platform provides real-time data including wait and service times, so your team can focus on what is really important – clinical best practices. Through these improvements in processing steps, the overall mood of your patients is improved, including more realistic expectations of wait times. In addition, digital signage displays queue information, wait times, media for your selection and more, which contributes to a more comfortable and less anxious patient. Benefits of our patient management software for oncology centers include:

  • Increase accelerators utilization rates
  • Increase patient throughput and capacity
  • Increase patient and family experience
  • Reduce wrong patient in room identification


Complex Appointment Scheduling with Q-Flow

We believe that booking an appointment should be simple for the user and the patient, leading to the best result in the shortest time, with minimum alerts and pop-ups, and with smart business rules preset by the organization for productivity, standardization and accessibility.

Our appointment scheduling solution offers complete medical enterprise patient scheduling that can be optimized for complex medical journeys for oncology patients, providing tools for call centers, self-service, receptionists and caregivers to manage appointment and calendars. This is especially true for same day multi-appointment bookings that allows patients to plan their journey and book all requested services in one single process for critical testing and treatment days. Additionally, our AM product can handle a variety of booking methods for patients that often have additional touch point needs including: :

  • One-time appointment - easy search and book functionality
  • Treatment plan - create a full multi-step appointment plan to be booked quickly by the scheduling staff
  • Self-service booking - online booking is available, if desired


Enterprise scheduling flexibility is a key to manage process changes across the organization to help oncology patients in a hospital setting obtain key testing and pretreatment services that may be administered in other departments prior to or in conjunction with an appointment with their oncologist. Our Q-Flow platform offers a full configuration functionality, including a variety of integrations with other enterprise solutions:

  • Seamless integration with MS Exchange
  • HL7 inbound and out band interfaces
  • Q-Flow API
  • i-Frame interface (SSO enabled)


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