A New Digital Experience for Pharmacies

As we all know and have experienced, the past two years have been heavily impacted by social distancing, resulting in the need for an alternative way to go about our day and still take care of the most important thing for us, our health. To accommodate the general public and pharmacies for the new reality, Q-nomy has established a complete software solution for managing the way people interact with pharmacies. Imagine being able to consult with your pharmacist without being physically present while still getting a complete service as if you were right there!

Pharmacists, sales reps, beauty advisors, and everyone on the store floor can each become part of a revolutionary digital experience. The new normal has made this digital adaptation both a necessity and a preferred method for many of our clients and their customers. 

As a prime example, Boots, the UK's leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer with over 2,200 stores, has chosen the Q-Flow solution by Q-nomy, for scheduling beauty consultations across all of their locations and utilizing every communication channel: video, voice, and face-to-face. 

With our multi-channel solution, you can now improve and expand your service while reducing operational costs, thanks to scheduled borderless pharmaceutical consultations and extended availability times beyond typical store hours. With each newly booked session will come a new opportunity for a sale that otherwise would probably not have taken place online or in the store itself. 

Qnomy has taken strides towards a fully customizable customer journey that has increased customer satisfaction due to its ease of use and the novelty of the experience. You can have a "let's meet" button on your mobile app or website, or simply add a QR code to your marketing materials, and Q‑nomy's solution will do the rest.

Users are particularly excited about the virtual lobby, where consumers are connected with the right person among your pharmacy staff via video or chat. Even the training is simplified! All the representatives will need to do is press the on-screen "next" button. Easy enough, right?