The Virtual Lobby Has Some Very Real Benefits

Earlier this year, Q-nomy announced the addition of a Virtual Lobby to the Q-Flow Omnichannel Patient Care solution. While digital, this "lobby" has some very tangible benefits for patients and caregivers alike.

The virtual lobby is a web app that runs on any mobile phone or tablet. It provides a "hub" for services that the healthcare provider can extend, via Q-Flow, to the patient.

The primary function of the virtual lobby is to serve as a digital waiting room for patients waiting for a doctor's appointment. Patients can use the app to check-in, follow their progress in the virtual queue until they get called forward, and then join a video call or any other format of digital interaction.

The app can also be used while visiting a medical center in the flesh; then, it can replace physical interfaces like the kiosk and digital signage, freeing the patient from having to spend a long time in the waiting room.

In addition, the virtual lobby provides appointment management capabilities, where patients would be able to book new appointments, as well as cancel or re-schedule future appointments.

From the providers' perspective, the virtual lobby enables easy digitalization of their patient care path, along with other Q-Flow components. This results in a customer journey that is fully customized to your business needs, while providing a personalized patient experience.

While experiences are sometimes hard to measure, what's not hard to monetize are the savings medical centers can gain from reduced waiting room space and hardware, thanks to the virtual lobby app.