Patient Experience Software for Hospitals and Health Systems

The Q-Flow® platform was designed to improve patient journey management for hospitals and health systems and to accommodate a full range of patient experience needs of enterprise organizations. Within larger organizations, patient needs are more varied and often times can be more complex, and workflow needs can differentiate between departments, clinical expertise, patient type and more. Our patient experience software has a proven track record in enterprise implementations across multiple sites and departments. It can be customized to accommodate both centralized and de-centralized approaches to configurations and management of the patient experience journey.

Our goal is to provide more customized patient journey solutions for a range of healthcare clinical categories, including:

However, the robust Q-Flow system offers even greater economies of scale when leveraged across entire organizations or health systems to manage all aspects and stages of patient flow for patients with complex or chronic conditions that may need to attend appointments in multiple departments with different types of providers for condition treatment or ongoing management.


Patient Experience Management Software

With over 10 years of experience designing patient flow systems within large hospitals, we have refined our approach to focus our enterprise platform to the needs of ever-changing organizations, addressing challenges surrounding both the patient and the staff, with an emphasis on the following:

  • Flexibility – meeting the needs of changing processes and reducing the burden of IT departments to support many micro changes in purchased products.
  • Scalability – controlling the necessary addition of units, users, modules and solutions to keep costs in check while ensuring organizational needs are met.
  • Technology – a strong platform is based on a great architecture, best practices development and the most adopted and secure technology. Q-Flow represents a service-driven dynamic organization with world-wide clients, using the best Microsoft technologies available.
  • Customizability - Added value Q-apps to the Q-Flow platform that can be chosen based on individual department or organization needs.

What are Q-apps?

Q-Apps are customized solutions for the Q-Flow platform that come in the form of an application, allowing quick and easy delivery of additional tools and business solutions to clients, based on their operations and specific needs.

Latest healthcare related Q-apps:



Patient Management Software with Real-Time Data to Improve Efficiency

Utilizing Q-Flow to track not only patient and user actions, but also communications, captures valuable data and provides meaningful insights on various healthcare operations including service levels, appointment no-shows, calendar and resource occupancy, patient journey bottlenecks and much more for improving efficiency.

Q-Flow analytics products include:

  • Real-time reports – more than 80 reports are provided out of the box
  • Q-Flow Insight – create your own pivot table reports
  • Customized Dashboards
  • The ability to connect Q-Flow to your enterprise business intelligence solution


Vital Role Integration Capabilities

Q-Flow is equipped with robust integration capabilities allowing organizations to optimize their patient-centric business operations rather than changing their process based on interoperability gaps.  

  • Q-Flow API: Our API supports the full platform functionality with the new event-driven Webhooks.
  • Q-Flow UX I-Frame interface: Providing the next level of integration thru user experience, Q-Flow can now be hosted by any web-based application (EHR, EMR, CRM and ERP). This allows users to control Q-Flow functionalities from a single application, providing organizations with improved user productivity and faster technology adoption.  
  • Q-Flow QXB: The QXB module offers seamless calendar synchronization with multiple Exchange servers.
  • Q-Flow HL7: Q-Flow supports all versions of HL7 from 2.3 to FHIR.
  • Active Directory: Q-Flow provides full active directory synchronization in conjunction with Windows authentication and forms authentication.
  • Customized interfaces: Any data, thru any channel - customized interfaces can be provided with Q-Flow.


Learn More about Customized Patient Journey Solutions

Q-nomy’s enterprise level solutions for hospitals and health systems are highly customized to meet each individual organization’s patient experience goals. Learn how we have transformed the patient journey experience for other organizations or contact us to begin working on your custom solution.


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