A Marketplace Full of Patient Journey Management Apps

How much do you know about Q-Market, Q-nomy's unique marketplace, entirely dedicated to customer-journey management apps?

Q-Market is where Q-nomy, its partners and even customers, can upload business applications that optimize the customer experience and customer journeys. We call these applications "Q-Apps": pre-packaged customizations that run on the Q-Flow platform, utilizing its flexibility and built-in features to deliver specialized solutions to specific business needs.

The Q-Market currently offers apps like the OR Planner and OR Patient Flow, which provide a complete solutions for scheduling, resource allocation, and real-time management of operating rooms; Virtual Lobby, which serves as a digital waiting room and appointment management tool for patients; and Video Call Manager, an app that enables staff to both initiate and receive scheduled and unscheduled video calls with patients; and many others.

Note that while some Q-Apps have a price tag, many are free of charge, and can benefit Q-Flow users at no added cost.

The Q-Market is a vibrant environment, where new Q-Apps get added frequently. Visit Q-Market today to learn more about the options and upgrades available for your Q-Flow software!