A Patient Journey In The First Person

Patient Journey is a term referring to a patient's experience throughout an episode of care, beginning at admission and concluding with a hospital or medical discharge. The patient is the only person who has a continuously active first-hand role during their physician's visit or general healthcare processing. In the recent years, this has been a monumental focus which has led us at Q-nomy to constantly concentrate our efforts on how we could best improve the powerful engine that provides optimized customer journey, robust scheduling, and queue management capabilities that is Q-Flow.

Below is a first-person account of a Q-nomy employee's encounter with Q-Flow. We wish him well of course, but we're happy that he had a positive experience as he explains in this short blog. 

"I had recently gotten ill and had an idea of what it could be, but just like the hypochondriac in all of us, I thought to myself, 'maybe it's something worse.' Just the thought alone of needing to do countless blood tests and consultations would usually frustrate me before I even begin going through the process. I knew that once I started this journey, i'd have a long road ahead of me, or so I thought. I turned out to be one of the lucky ones who uses a medical provider that utilizes Q-Flow. From the moment I booked my first doctor's appointment I felt like I was being guided regularly. To start, booking the appointment was super easy. I received updates to my phone when my turn in line was next and understood where I needed to go. I even received SMS messages on what upcoming appointments I have.

"Having the knowledge at my fingertips on a device that is always in my hand was perfect. I didn't have to make phone calls to verify statuses, results, addresses for facilities, appointment dates, or anything. It was like having my own secretary right there with all the information. I never knew how convenient Q-Flow made life for patients who needed the extra assistance until I became one, and I'm happy to say I got to experience what a real patient journey is supposed to be."