Improving Pediatric Patient Experience

Pediatric clinics present a unique challenge for patient experience management. There are all the standard requirements linked with assisting patients in navigating medical procedures, such as streamlining patient flow, reducing waiting-room anxiety, and ensuring transparency and communications. But then there's more, because we are dealing with children and their parents.

Q-Flow® offers children's clinics a unique flavor of customer experience: one that makes waiting for the doctor as pleasant as possible for both the young patients and their family members.



Avatar Queue Management

The key component of our pediatric patient experience solution is our patented Avatar Queue Management system. In this system, queue tickets and numbers are replaced by images: animals, cartoon figures, spaceships, food, etc.

The process is as follows:

  1. The child and his parent(s) arrive at the clinic and check-in using a kiosk.
  2. The kiosk presents available "avatars" from the software's vast, expandable library of images.
  3. The child chooses his favorite avatar.
  4. The kiosk prints the selected avatar on paper – along with any additional, configurable information.
  5. The avatar is then shown on digital signage as "waiting in line" alongside other patient's avatars.
  6. If the patient journey extends to other departments, the same avatar will continue to escort and represent the child on digital displays.



End-to-End Patient Flow Management Solution

While the front end of our pediatric clinics' solution is tailored to improving the experience of children and parents, at the back, it is all Q-Flow: the most robust and flexible patient flow management software.

As a hospital or clinic manager, you are getting all of Q-Flow's benefits: complete control over the patient throughput; streamlined processes and reduced operating costs; and better engagement with patients, during and between visits.

Available Q-Flow modules include:

  • Queue Management: more than just managing your waiting room, Q-Flow queue management provides you with service level reports, smart routing and more.
  • Appointment Scheduling: from online/onsite booking to complete planning of multi-stage medical procedures involving multiple resources and staff.
  • Interaction Management: connecting with the patients' families during and between visits, providing guidance and collecting necessary information.
  • Process Management: facilitating care path and back-office automation workflows

Whether you choose to implement avatars or conventional patient journey management, Q‑Flow can support all kinds of healthcare services for children – GP, dentists, orthopedics, psychologists, and so on.


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