Patient Journey Mapping

The Q-Flow Patient Management Software Platform enables an optimized patient journey, and seamless workflows for healthcare organizations of all levels of complexity, using these 4 modules for patient journey mapping:




Business process management facilitates care path automation workflows


Queue Management

Patient flow management facilitates check-in, case management, queuing and routing


Patient Interaction Management

Patient and staff interaction management using our omni-channel tools


Medical Appointment Scheduling

Medical appointment scheduling software with online resources


De-centralize Waiting Areas: The best waiting area waiting area!

The goal of our solution is to improve patient experience by reducing stress and minimizing infection hazard areas at the same time. By simply having Q-Flow manage real-time engagement with your patients, we are able to help them feel more involved while improving the overall experience. When patient check-ins are simply routed to retail, relaxing or leisure areas, Q-Flow can then call patients back to clinical service areas based on their position in line or by caregiver request. Because Q-Flow manages all service lines in real-time, this can also be utilized for in-journey patients on their way from one treatment to the next for more efficient treatment processing. User satisfaction benefits include:

  • Enabling the administrative staff, nurses and doctors to focus their care on patients
  • Faster patient processing – call the patient in with a click of your mouse
  • Patients are more prepared for the clinic visit, saving valuable time for both patients and providers


Providing Real-time Data to Improve Customer Experiences

Q-Flow collects all pieces of information along the patient journey and provides the care team and managers with valuable data throughout all stages of your patient journeys.

Care teams and managers can track a patient's visit preparation, patient flow bottlenecks, events, alerts and escalations and all in real time. Real-time information empowers you to react, analyze and orchestrate the patient journey across physical and digital channels.

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