Omnichannel Patient Care

Omnichannel solutions enable service providers to communicate with their customers across a variety of channels. Q-nomy's Q‑Flow software is unique in the breadth of its omnichannel capabilities, covering not just different means of digital interaction and messaging, but also physical channels – clinics and other facilities where patients arrive and meet with staff in person.


Why Is An Omnichannel Patient Experience Important?

That patients want, and sometimes need to communicate with doctors over different channels, is a fact. It could be because a medical procedure that spans across multiple treatments may involve additional calls or written communications in-between visits. Or it could be a simple interaction where a patient might have the choice of either going to the doctor or just making a phone call.

While this wide choice of channels is great for patients, it presents a significant challenge for medical and administrative staff who need to keep track of it and maintain an accurate picture of the entirety of communications with each patient. It is an even greater challenge to manage the channels in real time, requiring quick and intelligent prioritization, routing, and load balancing.

These are the exact challenges that an omnichannel solution like Q-Flow solves so efficiently. Just like Q-Flow enables effective patient flow management in consideration of appointment time, urgency, information collected at triage, and many other parameters, it also knows how and when to link doctors to incoming online communications.

Main Features and Components of Q-Flow Omnichannel Solution:

  • Q-nomy's appointment scheduling software, enabling patients and staff to book appointments to meet in person or through video.
  • Q-nomy's patient flow management software, enabling queuing and routing of visitors, callers, and incoming multi-channel messages.
  • Q-nomy's patient interaction management software, allowing staff to view and respond to messages across any channel, such as email, SMS, or chat.
  • Q-nomy's online forms system, enabling quick and easy creation of either public or personal forms (targeting specific patients), to collect information before, during or after treatment.
  • Q-nomy's workflow software, enabling full or partial automation of routing and responding to patient requests


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