Telemedicine Appointment and Video Queue Management

Video calls are becoming a more common means of doctor-patient communication, and their importance for healthcare providers is growing. Video may be the channel of choice when seeking the advice of a far-away specialist, when the remote assessment of a condition can prevent an actual visit to a clinic, or when the patient is highly contagious.

Video Call Management is a module of QFlow's Patient Interaction Management. This module enables healthcare providers to manage telemedicine appointments the same way as walk-in appointments: you can schedule video calls or process unscheduled calls, you can use automated rules to manage video call queues, prioritize urgent requests, and more.




Telemedicine and Patient Journey Management

Q-nomy specializes in patient journey management. Naturally, our software solution can handle any way in which video calls may become part of the journey – the following are only a few common examples:

  • A video call may serve as an initial assessment by a nurse or a doctor, before deciding if and where a patient should go for further treatment.
  • A video call may be part of an ongoing treatment plan; for instance, a doctor may ask a patient to arrive at the clinic once a month and to have weekly video calls to follow-up between visits.
  • A video call might be initiated by the healthcare provider to provide guidance and answer questions prior to a major operation or other medical processes.

Q-nomy's Patient-Centric Business Process Management solution ties together all patient touch-points, video included, and all related workflow to produce a seamless patient experience.


Ease of Processing Video and Walk-In Appointments for Medical Staff

Often, the medical staff who handle walk-in patients are the same ones who converse with them over video. You typically want the same doctor who takes care of you at the clinic, also to be talking to you when you make a video call. This puts healthcare providers in a situation where staff needs to handle a physical waiting room and a virtual queue at the same time and to keep switching between video and in-person appointments.

We support this business requirement with a patent-pending Q-nomy novelty: a system to manage mixed service queues. The solution, now available to users of our Patient Flow Management software, lets medical staff efficiently process incoming video calls and walk-in patients, using automated business rules to determine how to prioritize and route both types of communication.


Add Telemedicine Scheduling to your Patient Experience Management today!

Q-nomy can provide your healthcare organization with a variety of telemedicine capabilities to advance your communications, including:

  • Setup your video call capabilities
  • Integrate a video channel of your choice, or our video channels, into your patient journey experiences
  • Manage the patient flow, patient experience, and back-office workflow, including video effectiveness


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