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  • Omni-Channel Healthcare Solutions Solve Communication and Scheduling Challenges

    It is possible to deliver more positive customer experiences in the “new normal.” Adapting with changing times and navigating uncharted waters should still be done through a focus on exceptional customer satisfaction. How is your business evolving and adapting to provide more optimal customer experiences through improved scheduling communications? Innovative solutions for customer flow management, scheduling, back-office management, customer communications, and engagement can help.

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  • NatCon 2019 Conference of Behavioral Health

    Nashville Tennessee, located in the Heart of Country Music is where NatCon 2019 sang the tune of current innovations and addressed gaps to be filled in Behavioral Health.  Thousands of physicians and professionals joined us to discuss the challenges they each faced in today’s Behavioral Health market, and how pioneering innovations are bridging the gap between patient, provider, and payer. 

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  • HIMSS Global Conference 2019

    The annual HIMSS conference continues to be a highpoint for Q-nomy. 
    Just like last year, our booth was busy with people inquiring about our robust Q-Flow platform and all it has to offer for their unique enterprises.  Many visitors to our booth felt they alone struggled to meet customer satisfaction expectations. As they discovered after chatting with our skilled team or booking a short demo, their challenges were very common.

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  • Patient Journey Part 1:  How can omnichannel engagement improve the experience of oncology patients and supporting family?

    Healthcare providers today ask more of patients; inundating them with intake forms, screening questionnaires, and more. Meanwhile, patients are interested in getting educational information, in-visit updates for waiting times, and so on...

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  • The Times They Are A Changin', and with them the traditional roles of healthcare points of contact

    Across different verticals we see a sea change in the role of the physical point of contact, and of the customer visit in it. This is true for retail, for governmental & municipal services and also for healthcare provision.

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  • Looking forward to eHealth Canada 2016: There's a lot you can do even if you can't

    While many aspects of healthcare delivery are being digitized to save costs, improve service and enable online and mobile access to information and analytics, the patients themselves are still flesh and blood...

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