Operating Room Planning and Scheduling

An essential operations management solution, Q-Flow® enables easy operating room planning and scheduling of even the most complicated surgical procedures – and enhances the patient experience in the process. This comprehensive 3-step process includes:

  • Operating Room (OR) planning to optimize capacity
  • Day-of-surgery patient flow
  • Staff and family communication (or interaction)



Q-Flow OR Planner Manages Every Stage of Surgery Planning

Our Q-Flow OR Planner manages the various stages involved in operating room planning and scheduling — from the initial assessment of a patient's need for surgery through preliminary rule-based operating room scheduling and resource allocation to the final approval of the detailed surgical plan.

The designed interface of the OR Planner is clear and intuitive, providing users with the most current, synchronized data as well as real-time notifications and additional pertinent information. Q-Flow’s OR Planner improves resource efficiencies – helping healthcare providers to utilize surgery rooms and assets to the fullest, while enforcing customized smart business rules and alerts, such as:

  • Room and scheduling block occupancy
  • Surgery overtime
  • Multiple parallel long surgeries policy
  • Procedure resource requirements
  • Resource overbooking

As a robust and scalable solution, OR Planner is capable of handling single or multiple sites with multiple operation rooms and is configured with ease to adapt to different workflows, meeting the needs and operating schedules of a range of clinical specialties.

OR Planner is available on the Q-market.


Real-Time Patient Tracking with OR Flow

Every OR, clinical specialty, specific procedure or individual patient may require a different workflow – and our OR Flow is designed to be flexible, supported by Q-Flow PM and our robust business process management engine to help ease the process [WS5] for every party involved. Your OR team may create and amend their patient workflows, as needed. On the day of surgery, OR Flow tracks in real time the patient from arrival to surgery, including:

  • Registration
  • Consent
  • Transportation
  • Clinical assessments and approval
  • Logistics of surgery sets readiness
  • OR reception
  • Porter logistics
  • Safety measure checklists
  • Entering the OR
  • Exiting the OR
  • Post-operative care
  • Movement to Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)
  • OR discharge


The OR Flow is equipped with a Real-Time Dashboard to control the OR Utilization rate, surgery statuses, pending surgeries and more. Enriched with dual scope views, our dashboards provide a high-level scope view for managers and an in-depth detailed view for the OR, wards schedulers and the admin team.

With these dashboards, the management of operating rooms are free of whiteboards and the relevant information can be shared with the different teams, including surgeons, anesthesiologists, nursing staff, logistics, porters, cleaners and more. This critical information can be shared through various channels such as Digital Signage (TV screens), PC/Tablet, Mail or SMS.

OR Flow is also equipped with an API to support monitoring action on different systems like EMR, ERP or other electronic processes.


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