Patient Flow Management System

Our Patient Management System is a central-server solution that provides health systems, clinics and departments with tools to improve patient management and staff efficiency, including patient reception, queuing, routing and interaction management tools, plus optional appointment scheduling. 

The system handles all aspects and stages of individual patient flow, such as reception, triage, routing, preparation, treatment, payment and administration. It manages waiting rooms and treatment rooms; synchronizes with back-office workflow (for example, lab result analysis); and keeps patients and family members informed during long procedures.

Benefits of Our Patient Flow Management Solution:

  • Streamlines patient flow, which improves the level of service.
  • Entertains waiting customers with integrated digital signage.
  • Keeps visitors relaxed and staff in control, thus contributing to the quality of medical care.

Unique advantages of Our Patient Flow Management System:

  • Flexible solution capable of addressing all medical department processes, such as operating rooms, emergency departments, labs, outpatients, and so forth.
  • The solution can be scaled up from a single clinic to any size of clinic chain or hospital.
  • Easy maintenance - remote configuration, meaning there’s no need to install software or hardware at staff workstations.


Our Patient Flow Management System Features:

  • Our hospital queue management system manages patient flow across all departments—from reception, through multiple treatment stages, until the patient is released.
  • Our Medical Appointment Scheduling Software handles scheduling and can support the most complex processes. The system can also be integrated with any existing appointment scheduling software.
  • The user interface for doctors, medical and administrative staff, enables queue management functions, interaction management and documentation, statistics and alerts view.
  • The patient management interface allows authorized staff to view and edit patient details and interaction history.
  • The manager interface allows viewing online reports and statistics and drilling down to see more detail and analysis.
  • Alert notifications inform staff about exceptional events such as long waiting times, urgent cases, and so forth.
  • Integration with medical records software allows optimal routing of patients depending on their profile and medical situation.
  • Automatic flow management enables multi-step processes to be predetermined at triage; the resulting transfer from one service to the next is enforced by the system.
  • Back-office workflow management software allows managing and integrating offline processes such as analysis of various lab results with the patient flow management.
  • Scalable to any number of clinics and to any size of staff.
  • All user interfaces are web-based, easy to use and linked to online contextual help pages.
  • All patient-facing interfaces and communication are designed to ensure privacy and security of transmitted information.


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