Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

Our medical appointment scheduling software is a central server solution for managing appointments across your clinics and reception areas. 

The patient scheduling system can handle highly complex procedures and scenarios such as managing hospital appointments. The patient scheduling system also enables quick implementation by small private clinics; friendly user interfaces allow doctors, staff and patients full access – from their PC, tablet or mobile phone – for maximum control of their schedule at minimum effort.

Benefits of Our Web-Based Patient Scheduling:

  • Provides a unified scheduling platform for all channels and self-service.
  • Reduces operation costs through a streamlined patient scheduling and improved staff efficiency.
  • Self-service scheduling provides patients a better service experience.
  • Optimized scheduling and better preparation of patients prior to their appointment improves treatment quality.

Unique advantages of Our Medical Scheduling Software:

  • Complete flexibility to meet all types of medical processes such as operating rooms, emergency departments, labs, outpatients, and so forth.
  • The solution can be scaled up from a single clinic to any size of clinic chain or hospital.
  • Easy maintenance with remote configuration - no need to install software at clinics.


Main Features Provide Optimized Appointment Scheduling

  • Our appointment scheduling platform allows setting up, configuring, and managing staff calendars and resource availability.
  • Our Visit Management App offers mobile users the option to schedule and check in for appointments.
  • Administrator interface allows configuring clinic and physician working hours, appointment capacity, overbooking limits, appointment types, appointment durations, and more.
  • Easily set up complex treatments involving multiple stages, staff members, and resources. The system automatically searches for optimal scheduling where all required staff and resources are available.
  • Calendar owner interface allows  opening and closing calendars, managing changes in staff schedules, rescheduling appointment blocks and so forth.
  • Clinic and medical office staff interface for scheduling appointment and reviewing appointment scheduled through other channels.
  • Easy management of waiting lists, and automated assignment of released calendar slots to pending appointment requests, based on priority and urgency.
  • Automated appintment reminders send patient reminders that include appointment details, preparation instructions, and so forth. These reminders can be printed when scheduling the appointment, or emailed/sent as an SMS afterwards and a few hours before the appointment.
  • Patient appointment data integration with Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and any HL7-compliant software.
  • Scalable appointment software for any number of hospitals, medical practices, clinics and doctors.
  • All configuration settings are parameter based, require no programming, are done remotely from the server and affect all departments immediately.


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