Where Would You Like to Meet Your Doctor? (Part 1/2)

The future of omnichannel healthcare systems changed almost overnight upon the outbreak of COVID-19. While internal corporate communications immediately moved to video channels like Zoom and Teams, patient care initially transitioned to the telephone, Email, and chat. Indeed most leading players in the field already had their video platforms in place; however, their infrastructure relied on pre-COVID notions where dedicated remote-care centers operate and gradually grow alongside community clinics.

"The pandemic required us to promote solutions that do not mandate organizations to set up dedicated contact centers; instead, we had to immediately enable hospitals and clinics to provide digital and walk-in services in parallel," says Avi Bar Yehuda, Chairman of Q-nomy.

The company presented a new vision adapted to the new reality, which meant an improved, always-on patient experience: "Patients are glad to learn their 'digital' physician is the same person they know from the community clinic or hospital. You no longer need different doctors that handle different communication channels. For the medical staff, this makes perfect sense that they can provide service anywhere, let alone at their clinic, where thus far they would provide care to visiting patients."

Q-nomy's flagship software platform Q-Flow, being a highly flexible patient-centric BPM solution, is capable of handling the different service channels as well as managing the surrounding procedures such as scheduling, reception and admission, queue management, and so on. As such, Q-Flow allows doctors to manage a single queue for in-clinic and virtual appointments, either via phone, video or chat. Most importantly, the system ensures a consistent, seamless experience to patients regardless of channel or location.

"We are actually asking patients, how would you like to meet? and then we continue to escort them through every touchpoint. We assure patients of a familiar, well-planned experience," says Bar Yehuda. "Q-Flow delivers a solution for healthcare providers that is highly flexible, quick to deploy, and which ensures efficient operation. It helps them maximize the utilization of their available resources, empowering doctors to provide service anywhere, to patients everywhere."