Q-nomy Announces Q-Flow Virtual Lobby for Omnichannel Patient Care

Q-nomy Inc. announces Q-Flow Virtual Lobby, a new addition to its Omnichannel Patient Care solution. The Virtual Lobby provides both a digital waiting room for patients waiting for a doctor's appointment, and a secure personal space for managing future appointments.

The Virtual Lobby is a mobile and web application, which can run on a mobile phone or tablet. Healthcare providers can customize the look and feel of the application's user interface, as well as integrate it into an existing app or website.



Visitors using the Virtual Lobby would be able to book new appointments, as well as cancel or re-schedule future appointments. While in the virtual waiting room, patients can check-in, follow their progress in the virtual queue until they get called forward, and then join a video call or any other format of digital interaction.

Read the full press release here

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