Q-nomy Announces Q-Flow 6.3 Service Pack 1

Q-nomy Inc. announces the launch of Version 6.3 SP1 of its Q-Flow® software.

This latest release delivers a new user interface for medical and administrative staff, which is more intuitive and simpler to use. The new UI is also finely tuned to the needs of multi-channel healthcare providers, offering quick navigation between in-person and digital channels, and built-in support for integrated video and other means of remote patient care.

In addition, the new version includes numerous technical upgrades, providing extended integration and single-sign-on capabilities for delivering enterprise solutions. Q-Flow 6.3 SP1 also streamlines the performance of various server and communication components.

Q-Flow 6.3 SP1 is now available to new and existing users of Q-nomy's patient journey management software.

Read the full press release here.

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