Q-Flow Manages The Patient Journey In The World's Largest Emergency Hospital

The Sylvan Adams Emergency Hospital, inaugurated last month, is the largest ER in the world. The three-story, 8,000 square-meter facility is located in Tel Aviv's Sourasky Medical Center complex.

Besides its size, the new emergency hospital boasts cutting edge digital services and tools. Among the new technologies being implemented in the new ER, are a digital self-registration station, allowing visitors to check in using facial recognition; “self-triage,” enabling patients to check their own vital signs before being routed for further treatment; mobile robots, which show patients in need the way around the emergency hospital; a mobile app allowing patients to view real-time information concerning their process, and more.

Q-nomy's Q-Flow patient journey management solution is being utilized across the new ER, in natural continuation to its long-time operation in the Sourasky Medical Center. Q-Flow manages the patient flow starting at the admission and triage stages, until the treatment is completed and the patient is discharged.


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