The Q-nomy 2018 Hackathon

This year, as in previous years, Q-nomy took a couple of days off the rat race and gave all of its employees some time to design, develop and present their own innovative concepts. Earlier this month, project managers, developers, designers – in fact, staff of almost every discipline and rank – joined together and formed teams dedicated to producing new applications based on the Q-Flow platform. The theme of this year's hackathon was healthcare-related Q-Apps.

The teams participating in the hackathon were all highly motivated, and that is not surprising at all, considering the awards offered to winners, but more importantly – the challenge and the fact that some of the projects presented in previous years have become commercial Q-Apps (such as the Field Agent Bot and PlayZone).

At the end of the hackathon, all teams were invited to present their proposed products to a committee consisting of 7 judges, including a guest judge, the COO of a large medical center. The judges then ranked each team based on how marketable their concept was, how original their idea, and – as it is a developers event after all – how close to a finished product they were able to come.

We were not disappointed with the quality of the projects presented – all were highly functional, creative, and well presented. The common element in many of the projects was the teams' ability to utilize much of Q-Flow's out-of-the-box capabilities in order to very rapidly produce effective, clean code that could demonstrate the team's concept.

In the end, the winning project was a Q-Flow application for managing and reminding patients of their prescription medication intake schedule. Runner ups included a solution for easy scheduling of pre- and post- visit customer interactions, an application that enhances the patient journey with indoor navigation, and a tool to leverage available calendar slots.