Q-nomy Software Powering Israel's Race to Total Population Vaccination

Q-nomy Inc. today announces that all COVID-19 vaccinations in Israel are being managed through its Q-Flow® platform, delivered locally by Callflow Software, Ltd.

The country's Ministry of Health and its four HMOs use Q-nomy's Q-Flow® software to manage the scheduling, queuing and routing of patients as millions show up to get vaccinated against COVID-19. During the first two months of the vaccination program, the HMOs administered close to 70 doses of vaccination per 100 people, with more than 25% of the population receiving their second dose. At its peak point, more than 230,000 people (around 2.4% of the entire population) went through the vaccination process in a single day. About half of the entire traffic of citizens being vaccinated is being handled by the Q-Flow Server at Clalit Health Services, the country's largest HMO.

As Israel's race to a complete vaccination of its population continues, Q-Flow remains the leading solution handling the massive daily traffic of people arriving at hundreds of vaccination centers around the country – while at the same time, continuing to manage patients scheduling and queuing to all other medical services provided by the county's HMOs and major hospitals.

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