Outpatient Management Software Helps Manage Patient Flow

Clinics are busy places. At any point in the day, there can be a sudden influx of unexpected patients that overwhelm the staff and on-site resources. Other days, staff and resources can be underutilized.

On the busier days, patients and visitors get frustrated, and become impatient - besides the fact they may not feel very well, they just want to get in and get out as fast as possible. This may prompt them to go to another clinic and never return

You can control this situation with outpatient management software that gives you the ability to offer appointments at your health care facility to your existing patients and manage new patients. This allows you to ensure you have the required resources on site for the appointments and manage your staffing levels more effectively.

Q-Flow® patient management software is a market-leading, proven outpatient management software designed to improve patient flow and increase patient satisfaction at your outpatient clinic. Offering measurable improvements to service metrics, you will be able to share critical data with senior management and better understand your service levels and overall increase patient satisfaction.

By combining a self-service option online, with on-premise channels, patients can manage their clinic experience and see the clinician they desire for their visit. As well, staff can ensure the patient brings the appropriate forms or completes them prior to arriving, should that be required. This expedites the visit and offers measurable efficiencies with a patient.

Providing excellent service to your patients is important. They want to know they will receive the treatment and services they require and their information is safe and secure - and that they are treated with respect.

By controlling patient volumes at your clinic, you vastly improve the overall experience. Patients can have a seat in the waiting area or enjoy waiting around the retail areas, while viewing informative videos and relevant information, while receiving notification regarding their service. Therefore, they do not feel rushed or pressured and they are in control of their visit.

Some clear advantages Q-Flow has over other solutions are:

Mobile, On-line and on-premise service requests
From a Smartphone, PC or at an on-site Kiosk, patients can schedule the appointment they desire, with the clinician of their choice.

Staff Capacity Planning
By knowing when your busy and slow times are, you can set thresholds in the system and the booking feature to ensure there is a balanced booking volume.

Pre-Appointment Reminders
Automatic and escalating customized reminders can be sent notifying the patient of the upcoming appointment and to bring forms or instructions on how to prepare for the appointment.

Post-Appointment Follow-up
Links to surveys or post-appointment reminders can be sent as needed. All content is fully customizable.

Design your patient journey workflow
Streamline the patient visit creating a full process of pre-appointment needs, check in process, orchestrating the patient movement on-site, and discharge follow up.

Robust and Detailed Reporting
With over 80 out of the box standard reports, and the ability to create ad hoc reports, you will gain a clear understanding of your service levels and clinic successes.

Secure Account Management
Through the use of Role-based security groups, Staff accounts are simple to manage and easy to activate.

Integration with Many Common Data Sources
Q-Flow software has an API that makes integration to data sources a breeze! and supports industry standards like HL7.

Queuing and Digital Display Features
In addition to Appointment Management, Q-Flow also supports Queue Management and waiting area Digital Signage.


By offering your patients a wide variety of services and methods for appointment scheduling, you position your clinic to be a progressive and accommodating enterprise attractive to existing and new patients.

Q-flow Medical Appointment Scheduling Software offers a robust, highly customizable patient focused solution to manage all manner of bookings for all services your clinic offers.

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