Our new operating room scheduling & management solution video is out!

Committed to optimizing patient journeys and throughput, Q-nomy tackles complex patient-centric-care delivery processes and streamlines them to enhance patient experience and healthcare provider performance.

Our vision and platform capabilities can be experienced in a series of short, easy-to-understand videos posted to our YouTube channel.

We are happy to announce that the latest installment in our medical process-improvement concept videos, "Operating Room Scheduling & Real Time Orchestration" has been released!

This video shows how Q-Flow is applied in healthcare to optimize the complete workflow surrounding surgeries, in which Q-Flow handles everything—except the surgery itself. Q-Flow is used for scheduling the patient’s visit for pre-op, surgery and recovery as well as the related scheduling of medical and administrative staff and other resources.

Watch how OR capacity and other resource allocation is managed by Q-Flow; all revolving around optimizing the patient flow and SLA, reducing idle times and operational costs.

Enjoy the video and learn more by visiting Q-nomy for the Healthcare Industry, at https://www.qnomy.com/healthcare