NatCon 2019 Conference of Behavioral Health

National Council of Beahvioral Health

Nashville Tennessee, located in the Heart of Country Music is where NatCon 2019 sang the tune of current innovations and addressed gaps to be filled in Behavioral Health.  Thousands of physicians and professionals joined us to discuss the challenges they each faced in today’s Behavioral Health market, and how pioneering innovations are bridging the gap between patient, provider, and payer. 


Q-nomy at NatCon 2019 Conference of Behavioral Health


As it was our first NatCon conference, we were excited to share with visitors the powerful features our patient journey management platform, Q-Flow® offers.  We learned from visitors that Q-Flow’s queue management and appointment scheduling modules alleviate significant challenges for organizations that are in the process of embracing the digital age, while really pushing the needle forward for organizations that are digital and wish to implement patient engagement and telehealth technology and tools.


Behavioral Health Is Patient Centric

As patients’ mental and physical health status vary on a case by case level, it is important to properly identify, diagnose, and communicate data to the patient to improve the overall experience. 

Q-Flow’s ability to estimate wait times along with other patient-engagement tools such as bi-directional text messaging provide transparency and efficiently manage patients’ expectations.  These usually lead to greatly improved patient satisfaction and increased patient retention. 


Telemedicine Solutions

A major topic of discussion at NatCon19 was “telemedicine solutions”.  We are noticing a trend in the rise of telehealth visits as weather, remote locations and other complicating factors make it difficult for patients to meet with their physicians in person. 


Q-Flow’s Video Call Manager was demonstrated live to many care providers who expressed great interest, as this opens up a whole new world of opportunity which providers may have missed out on in the past.  With Q-Flow telehealth solutions providers can administer care via reliable video conferencing services, reaching patients that wouldn’t otherwise be able to receive care.


NatCon19 was a wonderful experience, as we learned directly from Behavioral Health experts what is happening in this market is and what it needs to be more successful.  Luckily, the tech eco-system in healthcare is growing rapidly and companies like Q-nomy are leading with innovative solutions within the space, while actively enhancing the overall provider-patient experience.


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