More Options For Avatar Queue Management

Q-nomy's concept of avatar queuing has definitely made an impact. It is a unique solution where the patient's place in line is presented not in the form of numbers or letters, but as a cartoon figure – an "avatar". Designed to liven up the patient experience at pediatric clinics, a recent case study shows it is equally appreciated and embraced by staff.

The implementation described in the case study is only the first step, though. Let's look at a few options to enhance the solution, which our Q-Flow platform can support.


Avatar Appointment Scheduling

The basic solution discusses avatar queue management. However, avatars can be applied as soon as an appointment is being booked.

Using Q-nomy's medical appointment scheduling the parent and child may select an avatar – in much the same way as when arriving at the clinic. This way, when they arrive for their appointment, upon checking in the avatar will pop-up as the child's identifying image – much to their delight.


Saving The Avatar For Repeated Visits

Unfortunately, some conditions may necessitate the child's repeated visits to the clinic. Keeping the previously selected avatar for when the child returns could add to a sense of familiarity and make the young patient feel welcome.

Q-nomy's patient relationship management can capture the child's selection, and provide it as the default avatar for future visits.


Custom Avatars

Q-nomy's advanced queue management solution comes complete with a few sets of funny cartoon figures that can be used as avatars. However, medical centers may want to have a wider choice of images – either because they want a fresher look, or because they face a high volume of patients.

Luckily, Q-Flow's library of avatars is expandable, so adding more images is easy. You may design and produce your own avatars (or license the use of familiar cartoon figures) – or, we can create new ones for you – one of the many unique services offered by Q-nomy.


Anyway, don't limit yourself to the above suggestions. The Q-Flow platform is so flexible it can probably accommodate much crazier ideas. If it can put a smile on a child's face, it's worth the effort.