HIMSS Global Conference 2019

The annual HIMSS conference continues to be a highpoint for Q-nomy.  Being able to connect with thousands of medical professionals and administrators in real-time is invaluable and helps us keep our finger on the pulse (pardon the pun) of the Healthcare sector.



Just like last year, our booth was busy with people inquiring about our robust Q-Flow platform and all it has to offer for their unique enterprises.  Many visitors to our booth felt they alone struggled to meet customer satisfaction expectations. As they discovered after chatting with our skilled team or booking a short demo, their challenges were very common.

Patient satisfaction and staff efficiencies were high on the list of ‘needs and wants’ for their service environments.

An observation noted from Stuart Post, Q-nomy’s Director of Sales, North America:


“I spoke with one person who worked in the Emergency Room of her hospital, and she said the number one factor in patient satisfaction was the wait time.  When I showed her how Q-Flow took the wait out of the waiting room, she said that is exactly what we need to improve our satisfaction scores!”


While HIMSS has traditionally focused on clinical informatics, the new shift to the patient experience arena and the technology which supports that is a positive move.

Patients are often frustrated with the overwhelming complexity of many healthcare facilities and processes. Receiving their services and procedures can be simple and stress free, with the right solution supporting it. We shared our robust, highly configurable Q-Flow solution with many visitors to the conference and showed, in real time how we can make it happen.

As patients become more sophisticated and are digitally connected to their service providers, Healthcare organizations must step up to that demand and make available all services via a Smartphone App or secure interface.  Patients want a one stop interaction that marries their service providers and appointments, with their carriers and their dispensaries at their convenience.



By providing end-to-end services that are convenient, secure and easy to manage, client retention is increased, and customer satisfaction is measurably improved.

IoT (Internet of Things) is the future, and we are now witnessing a digital revolution in healthcare that is being led by patients and service recipients alike. 

Q-nomy can help you become a leader in your market and exceed all your patient’s expectations.