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  • Patient Identification

    The challenge for many healthcare facilities is patients who come in multiple times per week and need their medications managed carefully so they are not over-medicated or incorrectly medicated. By having a central solution with their information available to staff who will interact with the patients, the risk of mis-medicating is greatly reduced. This is especially so when multiple clinicians are involved in their care.

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  • Patient Flow at The Outpatient Clinic – Managing it Effectively

    Clinics are busy places. At any point in the day, there can be a sudden influx of unexpected patients. Other days, staff and resources can be underutilized. You can control this situation by offering appointments at your facility to your existing patients and to manage new patients as well. This allows you to ensure you have the required resources on site for the appointments and manage your staffing levels more effectively.

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  • Greatest Challenges for Addiction Service Providers

    From patients at the start of their recovery journey and others who are nearing the end of it…and everything in between. Q-Flow® solutions are designed to manage these unique and diverse needs.

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