Part 3: Stress free OR management

Each patient’s surgical journey is unique.

No matter whether the patient is nervous about their first surgery or has “been there, done that” and knows the drill, the patient still wants to know they are in good hands at every stage and does not want to stress over any delays or confusion in the process. 


They and their families want to know:

  1. The surgeon is focused on their care and safety.
  2. The attending practitioners have all critical information that may impact their care.
  3. How long the procedure should take and when they will be able to see the patient after.
  4. Real-time updates will be provided on the patient’s care and progress.
  5. There is a proactive follow-up process to ensure the patient’s recovery is well managed.


Keeping all parties informed can be overwhelming

In many hospitals and surgery centers this is done manually and in a variety of applications and systems further complicating the process.

Creating a comprehensive patient-focused OR environment with regular notifications on the patient’s journey can reduce the overall worry and stress of the patients and their families, and provide valuable workflow actions for the support team.

As soon as the surgeon decides surgery is necessary, the wheels are in motion and the scheduling process begins; ORs are booked, Anesthesiologists are confirmed, nursing staff are booked and so on. Most importantly, the patient and his family are notified and can plan for their surgery in a calm and well-planned manner.

This ensures everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be there. It also ensures patients and their families know what is happening all the time.

Use a single solution to streamline your workflow

By simplifying and streamlining your organization’s OR workflow through a single solution optimized for OR management, your staff will only need to use one platform to manage each surgery. Through a centralized, web-based solution, that tracks all activities, tasks and resources, all pertinent information is available to those who need it at every step of the patient’s journey to ensure they are cared for properly.

Your patient’s surgical experience can be a pleasant one with less stress through an efficient procedure and robust follow-up that focuses on their health as a top priority.